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Alicante Airport Parking

Built on six levels and connected to the terminal building by covered walkways, the Aena-operated multi-storey car park at Alicante Airport has room for 4,140 vehicles and a maximum headroom of 2.10 metres. Taller trucks, vans, and campers should park in the long-term lot. There are also several private car parks near the airport, which offer highly competitive rates.

What are the Parking Options at Alicante Airport?

Express Parking

The Arrivals Express Car Park is directly in front of the terminal building, in the arrivals area. You can park free of charge for the first 10 minutes. This is great if the person you are picking up has already arrived and is waiting for you, but generally not enough time if they are still on their way through the airport. In this case, you may want to use the General Car Park (see below).The Departures Express Car Park is right outside the departures area of the terminal building. As you approach the terminal building, drive up the ramp towards the departure level and take either the first or second left turn into the parking area. The first 10 minutes are free of charge, so this is perfect if you are just dropping someone off.

Do I need a ticket to use the Express Car Park?

Yes, you do. Right outside the Express Car Park, you must stop at a barrier and take a ticket. When you are ready to leave, the ticket has to be fed into a machine before you can exit.

Can I stay in the Express Car Park for longer than 10 minutes?

Yes, that is possible. However, if your parking duration exceeds 10 minutes, you will be charged by the minute and you’ll need to pay the fee at one of the payment machines before you can exit the car park. These are located along the parking area and just before the exit barrier.

General Parking P1

Ideally suited for short-term stays, the multi-story car park signposted as P1 offers covered spaces with 24-hour security just metres from the terminal building. Please note that you cannot park motorcycles in P1. There is, however, a free motorcycle parking area next to the long-term car park.

Priority Parking

Located on the 4th floor of the General Parking P1, the parking spaces are directly connected to the check-in area in the airport terminal. Therefore, this is the best option if you want to get from your car to the terminal as quickly and conveniently as possible.

How do I get to the General Car Park at Alicante Airport?

Access road to car park at Alicante Airport

The car park is easy to find. At the access road to Alicante Airport, simply follow the signs.

Long-Term Parking

The long-term parking lot is located in what used to be the parking area for the old terminals 1 and 2, around 10 minutes’ walk from the new terminal building. Most of the spaces are covered to protect your vehicle from the weather, while others are reserved for oversized vehicles and campers.

Parking Charges and Parking Reservations at Alicante Airport

Reserving your parking space ahead of time

If you want to park only for an hour or two, there is no need to book your parking in advance. A parking reservation is only possible for a parking duration of 8 hours or more. If you are planning to leave your car at the airport for a day or more, booking in advance will save money and is therefore worth doing.

Parking charges

How much you pay for your parking will depend on your chosen parking location, the dates, and the length of time you are planning to leave your car. If you want the convenience of parking your car within walking distance of the airport terminal, you will need to choose one of the AENA-operated car parks (see above). However, as always, convenience comes at a price. If you can live with the idea of using a shuttle bus to get to and from the car park, you can save a lot of money! Therefore, if you are looking at a parking duration for a day or more, it is worth comparing the options via the button below.

Off-Site Parking

Several private car parks operate close to the airport and offer a free shuttle service between their lots and the airport terminal. Although a little less convenient, as they are not within walking distance of the terminal, these private parking providers offer highly competitive rates. They are therefore a good option, especially if you need to park your car for a longer time period.

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