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Smoking at Alicante Airport

Like much of the rest of Europe, Spain has adopted a law against smoking in enclosed public places. The 2006 law was further strengthened in 2011 and of course, it also applies at Alicante Airport. Passengers who are dying for a quick smoke before a flight that last a few hours would love to have a smoking area like some other airports. Unfortunately, Alicante Airport doesn’t have one yet. However, bearing in mind that the law is only for enclosed public spaces, there are actually some places to smoke at the airport.

First of all, be very careful if smoking in the toilets. Although some passengers have managed to get away with this and some airport staff might even suggest it, if you do set off the smoke alarm and get discovered you could get a hefty on the spot fine and possibly miss your flight!

The easiest thing to do for that smoke in peace, is to step outside the terminal building and smoke there. Of course, you need to bear this in mind before going through security. Some readers, during less busy times, have found that they could go from departures downstairs to the arrivals area, slip out of the building and then come back through security. Of course, if you do this you need to be careful of getting stuck in the queue for security that second time. But if you have a long wait after going through security or if your plane is delayed, you might feel it’s worthwhile.

Another option is for those that use e-cigarettes. In theory, using e-cigs in public places is banned in Spain. However most airlines and airports will allow you to have them in your carry on luggage, as long as the fluid is under the 100ml limit. So a careful smoker might be able to get away with using one out of sight or in the loos (being careful not to do so too close to the smoke alarms just in case!)

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