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Are you planning a business trip to Alicante? Do you need a private jet at the best rates? Is contracting a personal luxury plane at Alicante Airport a privilege to the rich and famous? No. While it was only affordable for millionaires and billionaires at one time, although still expensive, the market is now open to more and more travellers.

Hiring a private charter has a couple of significant advantages, among them, are opportunity and a sensation of extravagance. But what really makes it worthwhile is the saving of time and stress. Time is a luxury!

Although the flight time is usually identical, saving comes from the speed and efficiency of going through airport security and airport protocol. The team will whisk you off to your destination as soon as possible. You can show up at the expected time at the air terminal, clear security, and go directly to your airplane for a quick take-off. Also, a private charter enables you to meet your pilots. Chartering a private jet enables you to create your own schedule. Everything revolves around you. If you need to reroute or change the schedule just inform the flight crew and they will try and accommodate the changes.

Several websites are offering private jet charters from ALC Alicante airport. There are Air Charter Service. They offer private jet charter. Also there is Paramount Business Jets that operate out from ALC airport.

What to Expect On a Private Jet Flight 

This will be a unique experience for you, especially if you have not been on a private jet and are used to normal flight travel. After entering the terminal for a personal luxury plane flight you will hardly lose any time whatsoever. Explorers just need to show up around thirty minutes before departure, conceivably even fifteen minutes as registration requires a couple of moments. 

Alicante airport is an excellent choice for an airport when travelling by private jet to access the East coast of Spain. With the A7 motorway linking the airport, you can be at your final destination very quickly. 

  • Airport Code : LEAL/ALC
  • Latitude: 38°16′56″ N
  • Longitude: 00°33′29″ O
  • Altitude: 43 metres

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